„Let’s Mix the Quartet of Built and Cultural Heritage, Gastronomy and Handicraft”

The main objective of the project is to boost regional tourism and help local entrepreneurs improve their services and range of offers. In the existing practice local actors in tourism have limited opportunity to encounter with new and innovative ideas, exchange experiences and good practices. In the framework of the project participants will be able to find new ways and solutions to promote and improve their services, especially in the four focus areas: built heritage, natural heritage, gastronomy and handicraft. The project will strengthen the connection between the four geographic regions, improve the dialogue between participants and facilitate the development of further joint projects. The four partners learn each other’s best practices through workshops and cultural introduction days, contributing to sustainable regional cooperation in the V4 region.

The Rozmberk Society, the Czech partner, implements the project in cooperation with the Municipaliy of Nove Hrady, our long-term partner. The kick-off meeting for the project was in Nove Hrady on June 5-7, 2019. The partners introcuded their organizations and during the presentations discussed the strenght and weaknesses of their towns and tourism strategies. On the second day, Nove Hrady mayor Vladimir Hokr provided a guided tour for the participants through the historic town center of Nove Hrady. Nove Hrady has several examples of best practise in using old historic buildings for new purposes without destroying their historical character and features. The two main examples are the old Buqouy residence, now used as a Wellness hotel, and the 19th century Buquoy palace, now used as academic - university centre. Unfortunately, the participation of inhabitants was lower than expects, mainly due to the fact that the presentations and discussions were in English.


Left: Rozmberk Scoiety director Robert Dulfer leading the discussion
Right: Nove Hrady mayor Vladimir Hokr (centre) guiding participants

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Left: the former hall of the Buqouy Residence, now the breakfast-dinning room of the hotel.
Right: group picture of the international participants.

The next meeting will be in Sarvas, continuing this strategy discussion and starting to develop common ground and best practice ideas and strategies.



Lead partner:
Municipality of Szarvas
5540 Szarvas, Szabadság street 36., Hungary
Project coordinator: Eszter Prievaráné Mácsár
Tel.: +36 20 446 0115

Project partner1: Municipality of Poprad gu

05842 Poprad, Nábrezie Jána Pavla II. 2802/3, Slovakia
Contact person: Ivana Piataková
Tel.: +421 527167298

Contact person: Zuzana Compelová
Tel.: +421 527167280

Project partner2: Rozmberk Society
Kojakovice 80, 37901, Czech Republic
Contact person: Robert Dulfer
Tel.: +420 724132180

Project partner3: Bieszczadzka Foundation
38-700 Ustrzyki Dolne, 1 Maja Street 16., Poland

Contact person: Iwona Gratkowska
Tel.: +48 134697297