Educational trail "People and their Landscape"


The education trail „People and their Landscape“ comprises the Třeboňsko and Novohradsko Regions. You can enjoy it walking or cycling or by car, whatever suits you best. The two trail sections will show you the historic village of Kojakovice and the historically important town of Nove Hrady. Traveling from one place to the other, you will pass a picturesque landscape of forests, meadows, ponds and bogs. Travelers will find themselves with many examples of the impact on the country's population on its landscape and vice versa. Our aim is to help you look behind the scenes of this coexistence of people with their landscape and alert you to the examples that at first glance you might not notice as examples of mutual influences and interdependence.

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Kojákovice Trail

Nové Hrady Trail

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The education trail is part of the project "People and their Landscape", which is realized with financial help of the Revolving Fund of the Ministery of Environment, Czech Republic

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