Education Trails

naučné stezkyThe entire area is extremely suitable for excursions and trips into nature. Many trails exists and are well documented.

Along the trails are information shields telling you about nature and some cultural heritage and history of the site as well. Trails can be done hiking or biking, in most cases also by car or even on horse back.

The name of the trail is given in Czech, with short explanation added (or coming soon). The name of the town indicates the starting and end point of the trail.

Rozmberk - Trebon

Cesta kolem Sveta - Trebon

Okolo Třebone - Trebon

Cervene blato - Jirikovo Udoli

Sokoli hnízdo - Nove Hrady

Pameti Novohradska - Nove Hrady

Pameti Vitorazska - Nove Hrady

Terezino udoli - Udoli u Novych Hradu

Trhosvinensko - Trhove Sviny

Krajinou humanity - mezi Cizkrajicemi a Klazany

Totalita rozdeluje - Borovany


naučné stezkyFurther information you can get at the Info Centers in the towns where the trail starts or at the Kojakovice Center